Sunday, April 26, 2015

Nerds of a feather gotta PR together

I'm finally getting around to talking about the sub-culture I identify with the most, NERDS, and no I'm not talking Wonka here. I have actually been tracking a movement centered around nerds and the difference making power they have. I believe it stems from a truth about Public Relations that is always true, its all about the public you are trying to relate to.
First of all I'm going to bring you up to speed on nerds. The word nerd has effectively been tamed, much in the way of the "N word" it is used in the culture almost as a badge of honor, but differs in that the sting it carries when used by non members is also minimal. Most nerds cannot be hurt by the word anymore. I personally see being a nerd as having the ability to love the things you love without boundaries or fear of judgement, Everyone should be so lucky. And it is a huge community ranging from the new generation loving the success Marval is enjoying, to the hardcore who have been hording comic books and action figures for 30 plus years despite years of abuse for their obsession. And within this range there are many sub-categories of nerds. Just a few I belong to: anime, videogame, cosplay, superhero, collector, con-goers, sci-fi. Being there is such a range of nerds and there is so much overlap the communities are all very linked and control large sections of the internet. This is the power that the nerds have and the situation I'd like to explain.
Deadpool, the merc with a mouth. A favorite of nerds in all forms, memes, cons, comics, he's nearly everywhere and he rocks. The problem is that "nearly" part. For years A deadpool movie has been tossed around, teased at, and ultimately put back to bed. The problem it always faced was that deadpool isn't always nice. In cinema today all super heroes, if you can call deadpool one of those, need to be family friendly. Why, because kids like superheros and parents have to be able to take them to see the movie without fear of scaring them. This has happened before. Back in 2008 Punisher War Zone showed the world what a rated R superhero movie can be, a miserable flop, a franchise killer, and a money pit. While the movie itself was nothing to brag about many site the painfully low box office numbers as being credited to no one wanting to take their kids to see this epic bloody mess. Thus it was an unwritten rule from then on that superhero movies would never break the pg13 mark. then along came this:
Deadpool as he was meant to be,(F-YOU X-men origins), but was it really. I noticed the abundance of analysis online of if the trailer was real, if the project was still alive, and if the movie could do justice to the character. from there the campaign started. Everyone realizing the potential for both the good and bad wanted to make sure it was good by making sure it brought the bad. two years and much doubt later we got this
Not only was Deadpool going to be rated R, it was being celebrated for it. The media may have given the push for it to happen, but nerds happily took the bait and made it happen.Public relations went from rated R being a taboo to being a must, and it was all about who and who they marketed it.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Religious Freedom or just abusing ones right to act like an A$$HOLE

The West Bureau Baptist Church.
I don't even need to go from there, I have already inspired enough hate to get people to comment on this post. It could take me hours to go over all the things they do to inspire hate. Doing a quick web search and your first three Google reviews are not in favor of the organization. Accusations that they are just trying to get attention, that they are not real Christians and no real christian should support them, and finally that founder Fred Phelps is the one who will rot in he!!. No origination has ever gained so much hate because no origination relishes it so much. They don't care who they pi$$ off because their belief in their cause is so unshakable that they just see peoples hate as attention. Their web site is called "". The one kernel of respect I can muster for them is how steadfast they are to their beliefs, but then some people are allowed to hate certain people for being devout so why not me. I will personally say I feel these people are scum and their thinking isn't just unneeded in this day and age, it has never been needed. They have however managed to cause some good things to happen in the world
These people are so extreme we now have a textbook example of people who go to far, the model for what any group should not be and strives not to be. Respectability politics dictate that any group that becomes hated, especially hated this much, needs a distance placed between them and your group. NOBODY wants to be associated with these wackjobs, and thus any stand they make instantly gets a following in the opposite direction. It very much reminds me of an episode of South Park. The town is to vote on whether or not to change their racist flag. Jimbo and others want to keep it the same to preserve cultural heritage, others just don't want their town associated with their town. However when the issue becomes heated the KKK join in and support the not changing the flag side, not because of heritage but because it is an example of white power. This is the edge the anti-racism side needs because nobody wants to be on the side of the KKK. The lesson learned in the episode is that you can't be so black and white, you need to be able to think of things in different ways. This is the only positive legacy the west bureau baptists can be credited for. Everyone has now seen how ugly hate can be and what they look like when they show hate for others.
Not to sound too hippie, but hate begets hate. Most religions are founded on peaceful grounds, love and peace and all that good stuff we all supposedly believe in. That's why despite being nonreligious myself I support the idea of religion, a push for everyone to get along and love each other. What I hate is religious organizations, people decide that they cannot get along with people who have decided to get along with each other differently.