Saturday, January 24, 2015

Why were here

I have come to a new understanding of my life in recent years. This new view has led me to a desire to look at the world in different ways. I had an experience a few years ago where a teacher assigned a project to adapt some type of African cultural art into one’s own culture. Culturally speaking I have always identified myself first as Mexican, my ancestry always felt important to me coming from an area where most were also of my ethnic heritage. So for my class I pitched an idea to make an African mask and simply add Mexican elements. My teacher hated the idea and looking back I did too, I was just hoping I could keep the project simple. His rejection forced me to find another idea and in my brainstorming I realized something; I really have very little about myself that loudly says "Mexican", other parts of my personality were much more dominant. Thus I showed up to class dressed in style of an African king with my own twist and proclaimed myself king of Videogames. I realized I was a nerd before anything else and aspects of nerd sub-culture like videogames were much more important to me than any cultural element that I gained simply by being born. I realized that this must be true for a lot of people. The actions we choose put us into sub-cultures and thus sub-cultures are much more telling of a person. However, so much focus is put on large encompassing cultural aspects I finally decided that is was time for a better look at the many various sub-cultures that have been multiplying over the past few years. This is what this blog is about. So ask yourself, what are the aspects that really define you?

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